Rooted in Tradition, Soaring in Innovation

Tucked into the pulsing core of downtown Durham, NC — the "City of Medicine" and portal to the Research Triangle Park — Durham Distillery emerges as a crucible of revolution and heritage.

Here, where the silhouette of the legendary Durham Bulls stadium looms just a heartbeat away, we are deeply rooted in the region's rich narrative.

A Fusion of Chemistry and Craftsmanship

At Durham Distillery, within this nexus of technological and medical breakthroughs, we harness the city's dynamic spirit.

Founders Melissa and Lee Katrincic fuse their expertise in physics and chemistry with the time-honored art of gin making.

Our distillery has evolved from its former life as an auto body and coffin shop into a cutting-edge gin lab, saluting Durham’s ongoing saga of transformation and advancement.

Pioneering Precision in Botanical Distillation

Our method is daring and meticulous. We champion cold vacuum distillation at our laboratory distillery, a nod to Durham's reputation as a bedrock of the Research Triangle Park's inventive prowess.

This innovative technique protects the fragile botanical essences traditional distilling methods often lose.

Delicate flavors like the bright citrus, subtle floral notes of honeysuckle, and the nuanced spice of cardamom are preserved at their peak, giving Conniption Gin its distinctive, clean profile that is both complex and perfectly balanced.

This meticulous approach has catapulted Conniption Gin to a leading position in the American gin landscape, celebrated for its seamless melding of depth and accessibility.

No Sugar.

No Carbs.

No Extracts.

Nothing Artificial.

As dusk settles over downtown Durham, our distillery pulses with the same inventive vigor that the city is celebrated for.

This energy fuels not just our quest to craft the finest American gin, but also our drive to add to the narrative of a city dedicated to breaking new ground.

From our robust Navy Strength to the mesmerizing Kinship, Conniption Gin stands as a bold declaration of our dedication to innovation, community, and the elevated art of distillation.