Conniption Gin, inspired by the cherished rituals of Melissa's grandparents, is not just a spirit but a testament to the art of modern distillation.

Our unique cold vacuum distillation process sets the stage for an unparalleled gin experience, carefully preserving the delicate flavors of our botanicals—ensuring that each pour from our bottle is a step towards crafting the perfect gin experience and that elevated cocktail.

With Conniption, we've done the meticulous work of flavor crafting for you, ensuring that there's no sugar and nothing artificial.

Heart of Conniption: The Cold Vacuum Distillation Process Explained

Imagine capturing the soul of each botanical in its purest form—this is the essence of cold vacuum distillation. Traditional distillation relies on heat, which, while effective, can alter the delicate nuances of our carefully chosen botanicals. In contrast, cold vacuum distillation occurs at lower temperatures, made possible by reducing the pressure inside the still. This innovative technique allows the boiling points of the botanicals to be significantly lower than at standard atmospheric pressure, meaning we can distill our gin without the high heat that risks damaging the subtleties of flavor.

In this cool environment, the vibrant citrus zests can truly sing, the cucumber slices impart a crisp freshness unlike any other, and the honeysuckle introduces a delicate sweetness that whispers of summer gardens — all without the need for added sugars or artificial enhancers. Each botanical is preserved in its most vibrant state, from field to bottle, ensuring that Conniption Gin offers a tasting experience that's both clean and complex.

Cold Distilled All Natural Ingredients in Conniption Gin


honeysuckle flowers




Closeup of Honeysuckle Flowers Cold Distilling

Cold Vacuum Distillation

Why it Makes a Difference

The benefits of this method are manifold, but at its core, cold vacuum distillation allows us to achieve a level of purity and flavor complexity that is unparalleled. By sidestepping the harshness imposed by heat, the true essence of each botanical shines through, creating a gin that's as nuanced as it is bold.

This is gin reimagined, a liquid symphony where every note is heard, every flavor experienced in high definition.

This innovative approach not only sets Conniption apart as the best American gin but also invites aficionados and newcomers alike to rediscover gin in a way they never thought possible. With Conniption, each cocktail is not just mixed; it's transformed, elevated by a gin that's been crafted not only with expertise but with a revolutionary vision.

Meet Gertrude: The Spirit and Art of Conniption Gin



Further enriching our journey of flavor is "Gertrude," one of two custom-designed pot stills in the world, a testament to innovation named after Melissa's grandmother—a spirited figure who often cautioned against having a "Conniption." Yet, in our distillery, having a Conniption takes on a whole new meaning. Gertrude isn’t just a still; she’s the heart of our operation, equipped with a vapor tray that intricately infuses each batch with the nuanced, delicate flavors of our botanicals.

This vapor infusion process is a delicate ballet of flavors, where botanicals are suspended on the vapor tray, instead of direct contact in the maceration technique. The botanicals are gently kissed by steam, extracting their essential oils without direct contact with liquid. The result? A gin that carries the dynamic, fun essence of its namesake and the precise, nuanced flavors of each botanical, woven into a smooth, harmonious spirit.

Sustainability Meets Precision

Gertrude is not only special for her role in creating Conniption Gin but also for her design, which reflects our commitment to sustainability and precision. As an electric-powered still, Gertrude allows us to have finer control over the distillation process, ensuring consistent, high-quality batches with a reduced environmental footprint. The customization of Gertrude, including her vapor tray, is a nod to our dedication to both innovation in gin production and the preservation of our planet. It's this thoughtful approach that embodies the spirit of Conniption: a blend of tradition and forward-thinking, of family legacy and modern sustainability.

We Invite you to experience the magic of Conniption

With Gertrude’s copper embrace and the pioneering spirit of our distillation process, Conniption Gin stands as a beacon of innovation in the gin world.

It's a gin that respects the richness of tradition while boldly stepping into the future.

As you pour a glass of Conniption, know that you're not just enjoying a gin; you're experiencing a piece of artistry, a moment of connection with the past, and a toast to the future. Cheers!