Reinventing Gin with a modern twist on taste

Prepare for a taste revolution with Conniption Gin, the trailblazer set to redefine what American gin can be. This isn't just a spirit; it's a declaration of independence from the old guard, a bold step into a realm where flavors aren’t just experienced—they're explored. Crafted with a rebellious spirit and a clear vision, Conniption transcends the traditional, juniper-heavy profiles to introduce a universe of taste that's as vast and varied as the landscapes of the United States itself.

At the heart of Conniption’s uprising is our pioneering cold vacuum distillation process, a method that captures the essence of each botanical at its peak. This not only sets Conniption apart but also crowns it as the leader in a new era of gins. Beyond juniper, we venture into untamed territories of taste—where the brightness of lemon, the earthy whisper of caraway, and the dark sweetness of cold-distilled figs dance together in perfect harmony.

Conniption is ready to be the gin of choice for a new generation of Americans. It’s for the adventurers, the creators, the ones who dare to leave the familiar behind and elevate their spirits to a world of flavors beyond the expected.

With Conniption, you’re not just sipping gin; you’re joining a movement, a collective step forward into a future where gin is not defined by tradition but by the boundless possibilities of innovation and creativity.

Elevating Your Cocktail Experience, Effortlessly

Conniption Gin is designed for those who appreciate the nuances of a well-crafted cocktail but may not have the time to infuse or experiment with flavors on their own. We've taken the guesswork out of creating an exceptional drink.

From the sun-kissed glow of a Gin and Tonic on a sultry summer night to the intricate dance of a Negroni savored in good company, Conniption doesn't just elevate — it transforms each moment into a defiant celebration of flavor.

Crafted Deliciousness

Every bottle of Conniption is a mixologist's wild card, serving up a symphony of bold, natural flavors that transform any drink it touches.

Sipping Innovation

With every sip, you're participating in a legacy of innovation, enjoying a spirit that's been carefully crafted to elevate your cocktail experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Modern Classics

It's a celebration of where we've come from and where we're going, honoring the past while eagerly anticipating the future of gin craftsmanship.

Cocktails Reimagined

Drawing inspiration from a time-honored family tradition, Conniption Gin embodies the spirit of cocktail hour, reimagined for today's discerning palate.

a fit of inspiration for your taste buds and best buds

Dive into the thrill of creation and the excitement of perfecting the ultimate cocktail with Conniption Gin. Our revolutionary cold vacuum distillation technique, enriched by Gertrude's passionate infusion, delivers a gin experience that's not just tantalizing but also memorable.

Here's to adventure, taste, and the indomitable essence of Conniption —your essential companion for an unparalleled cocktail journey. Raise your glass to the only kind of Conniption you'll ever need, where it transforms each sip into a celebration.