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How Gin Soaked Olives Kindled a Rebellious Passion for Gin

Dipping into a grandfather's martini for those gin-soaked olives wasn’t just mischief — it was destiny calling.

Conniption Gin seamlessly unites venerable tradition with the flair of modernity. Picture this: a gin so refined, it whispers tales of juniper but converses fluently in the language of all natural botanical balance and flavors, all highlighting our pioneering use of cold vacuum distillation.

Indeed, we've turned the distillery into a laboratory of flavor, where rotary evaporators become our tools for extracting flavors so authentic, it's elevating Conniption gin to the pinnacle of its craft.

Conniption is a gin that doesn't shout, but it doesn't need to — its quality whispers volumes, showcasing the authentic essence of botanicals without any sugar or anything artificial.

This isn't your typical gin story; it's a tale of transformation and bold experimentation. Discard the old guards of traditional London Dry gins. Venture into the world of Conniption, where we elevate the essence of gin to uncharted territories.

With Conniption, every sip is a thrilling, delicious quest that propels you into the wild frontiers of gin innovation.

Here's to the bold, the curious, and the mavericks, who, like us, believe that a truly great gin doesn't just respect its roots but also embraces the future with open arms; it's an elevated homage to the audacious spirits who look beyond the juniper, striving for a gin that's simply better.

Welcome to the movement

rekindling America’s love affair with gin


Botanical Alchemy: Where Science Crafts the Color of Wonder

Conniption American Dry Gin

conniption american dry gin

Elevated, Balanced Harmony in a Symphony of Botanicals

conniption navy strength gin

Botanical Complexity in a Smooth, Well Rounded Navy 114 Proof Gin

conniption barrel aged gin

Time-Infused Elegance:
Gin Aged to Perfection


Conniption Gin, inspired by the cherished rituals of Melissa's grandparents, is not just a spirit but a testament to the art of modern distillation.
Our unique cold vacuum distillation process sets the stage for an unparalleled gin experience, carefully preserving the delicate flavors of our botanicals—ensuring that each pour from our bottle is a step towards crafting the perfect gin experience and that elevated cocktail.
With Conniption, we've done the meticulous work of flavor crafting for you, ensuring that there's no sugar and nothing artificial.

Craft A Conniption Cocktail

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Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

This cocktail is our Conniption take on the martini that's sweeping the nation. Whether you're a gin-lover or new to the world of gin, we can promise that once you've...

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Breaking Berry-ers

Breaking Berry-ers

The Breaking Berry-ers is a layered cocktail we made in celebration of Women's History Month and Conniption's partnership with the James Beard Foundation's Women's Leadership Programs. It is also an...

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Purple Rain

Purple Rain

This martini is our interpretation of a classic dry martini, Conniption Kinship style. The unique and juicy flavor profile of Kinship is enhanced by Dry Vermouth and Orange Bitters, creating...

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American Dry G&T

American Dry G&T

There is a reason this timeless cocktail has been enjoyed for well over a century. So simple and refreshing, the G&T is truly the drink for any occasion. Our gin is expertly...

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